50 Cartridges boxset For Ruyan e-pipe

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This Original product works with RUYAN E-pipe only.

There are 4 different density of E-pipe refills for your choices: High(32mg), Medium(20mg)  and None(0mg)

This complete set consists of:
50 cartridges (Please specify nicotine density in your order, default is high)
a) None nicotine (0mg )
b) Medium nicotine(20mg )
c) High nicotine (32mg )


  • Cartridges store the Atomizing liquid which contain no harmful substances.
  • The main constituent is propylene glycol, which is not a harmful chemical instead it is used in breads and cakes.
  • Water vapour is produced instead of smoke because the micro technology built into the e-cigarette has the ability to convert the liquid into a non harmful substance.
  • This product is environmentally friendly.
  • The fragrance inside the cartridge gives you a similar satisfaction of a normal cigarette.

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