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Start electronic cigarettes business at 10sets of the E-pipe.

The Electronic pipe is an elegant, premium priced product for those who like the feel, weight and draw of a pipe and want to satisfy cravings for nicotine in places where they cannot or would not otherwise smoke.

What benefit of New E-pipe

1) The New E-pipe comes with disposable atomizer in this way you will have a long-life E-pipe. Once atomizer dead, the only thing you should do is to replace a new disposable atomizer at a very cheap price.

2) The disposable atomizer can be refilled many times

3) The full battery can provide energy to suck about 1300 mouthfuls.

What a New E-pipe set contains

1 x Battery and atomizer container
2 x rechargeable Li-on battery 900mah
1 x charger
3 x disposable atomizer (empty)
2 x Inhaler
1 x user manual

To purchase liquid here, original Hangsen liquid, over 100 flavor for choice.

How to assemble New E-pipe

1, Open the battery Cover
2, Put the battery into the E-pipe
3, Screw the battery cover intho E-pipe
4, Rolate the connecting sleeve by clockwise until loosen,
5, Remove the sealed from the disposable atomizer.
6, Screw the disposable atomizer into the E-pipe
7, Put the inhaler into the E-pipe, the rolate the connecting sleeve until tight.


180 days for battery only since you receive the item. DOA for other parts.

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