Joye 510 T(Tank)

Tank System comes with a new product: 510 T.

1. What is a Joye 510 T?
Joye 510 T is a revolution ecigarette, compared to the classical joye 510. The biggest difference lies in the e-juice filling system. For normal 510 cartridges, you should use a cartridge with filler inside to hold e-juice, while 510 T use a clear and clean tank with no filler to hold.

2. What are the 510 T advantages?
*Best auto battery
*Pure and clean taste
*No filler, more sanitary
*Clear tank, E-juice totally visible

3. Does 510 components suitable with 510 T?
*510 atomizer is also compatible with 510 T battery..
*510 battery is also compatible with 510 T atomizer.

4. How many types of atomizer does 510 T have?
There are two types: regular resistance (2.2ohm) and low resistance (1.8ohm). They are of same length and use same empty cartridges

6. How many types of tank does 510 T have?
only empty ones available.

8. What are needed to charge 510 T?
* Joye 510 USB charger and universal AC-USB adapter
*Joye 510 PCC for 510 T 220mah battery
*Joye 510 Mega PCC for 510 T 340mah battery
*Joye 10 port mega charger
*Joye 510 wall charger

9. What kind of case can carry 510 T?
*Portable travel case
*Joye 510 case


Product Image Item Name- Price
5packs 0.9ml Capacity Joye 510-T(Tank) Empty Cartridge

5packs 0.9ml Capacity Joye 510-T(Tank) Empty Cartridge

5packs empty cartridges for Joye 510-T, 0.9ml Capacity This cartridges hold about 0.9ml e-juice, which can support about 200 mouthfuls. Color:black available...

5pack JOYE 510-T(Tank) Atomizer(T)

5pack JOYE 510-T(Tank) Atomizer(T)

The Joye510-T(Tank) e-cigarette apply the new tank system for dripping e-liquid directly into its 0.5ml tank cartridge without the use of tissue inside the...
$30.00  $25.00
Save: 17% off