ECHO-E e-cigarette 2-complete Kit 650mah Manual 2.3ml

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Hangsen Echo series e-cigarette is Latest exclusive product which is cup shaped matrix refillable cartomizer can insert up to 3ml e-liquid and at least take 1300 puff.

Please Note: This standard kit only contain blank cartermizer, you have to purchase liquide to drip by yourselves.

ECHO can be made compatible to all the existing EGO models

Kit content:
2 x  Original ECHO-E cartomizer with no Liquid (Resistance: 2.6-3.2ohm, Capacity: 2.3ml)
2 x 4.2V ECHO-E Manual Switch battery (capacity: 650mAh)
1 x original echo 420mA cordless eGo universal USB charger (charging time: 5hours)
1 x Flat mini wall USB adapter (Euro/US)   

Why to choose?
Battery and cartomizer are the original and best match for each other
Large battery and cartomizer capacity, longer vaping time
Great products and reasonable price, save money for you
Huge vapor, clean and pure taste, easy to refill e-juice

How to refill?
*Remove the tip
*Drop e-juice along the side into the filler
*Put the tip back
*Do not drop into the middle airflow hole

How to charge?
*Screw the ECHO battery into the eGo universal USB charger
*Insert charger into a USB port on computer
*Or insert charger into the flat mini wall charger and then plug into a socket

What is the status of the indicator light on battery, charger?
The LED indicator light of the charger is green and the light of the battery will flash for several times once the charger being connected to a power source.
*Then the light of the charger will turn to red while the light on the battery will go out.
*The LED on the Cordless charger keeps blinking every 6 seconds while charging.
*When the battery is fully charged, the LED light will turn to green.

*Do not screw battery too tight to the charger in case of damage to the central pin of the battery.
*You’d better remove the battery ten minutes after the LED light on the charger turns to green.

Only two batteries come with a 180 days warranty. That is 180 days from being delivered, not shipped. So it is a true 180 days warranty.  If for any reason, within 180 days, you have problems with the battery, we will replace the defective or malfunctioning part(s) via hongkong airmail freely.
Accept only DOA (dead on arrival) for everything else. If it is dead on arrival, there is no need to send it back, and just contact us within 48hrs. We will send you a replacement via Hongkong Airmail freely.

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