Genunie Hangsen ECHO e-cigarette Kit With Logo

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Hangsen Echo series e-cigarette is Latest exclusive product which is cup shaped matrix refillable cartomizer can insert up to 3ml e-liquid and at least take 1300 puff.

ECHO  have the following benefits and technical advantages:
1. New technical breakthrough--Cup shaped matrix to get rid of the burnt smell of atomizer/cartomizer following e-liquid depletion;

2. Refillable with e-liquid for over hundred times, and that's easy: simply remove the filter and you could drip the e-liquid into the cartomizer;

3. It could hold up to 3ml of e-liquid (when comes with our own battery which enlarge the containing size of cartridge in the ECHO) that could last around 1,000 puff!

Product Includes:
2 x  Original ECHO cartomizer with no Logo (Resistance: 2.4-2.7ohm, Capacity: 3.1ml)
2 x 4.2V ECHO Auto Switch battery (capacity: 650mAh) with Logo
1 x original echo 420mA cordless eGo universal USB charger (charging time: 5hours)
1 x Flat mini wall USB adapter (Euro/US)   

1 x Fitting Porch

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