The most important part of e-cig

By | Jan 23, 2016

As we all know, a e-cig has three components—battery, atomizer and cartridge. Battery provides power. Atomizer is used to heat liquid and then produces vapor. Cartridge is used to stock liquid. But now, Tank Atomizer is used to be the  alternative of traditional atomizer and cartridges .

Good battery provides strong power and long life. And good battery needs good quality Li-on Cell which always is more cost. Now is selling their ego kit and echo kit at clearance price.  When test their battery, we found they are really very good quality.

For Ego 650mHa battery, after full charged, the volt is 4.13v



For eGo 1100mAh battery, full charged volt is  4.08v


For Echo 650mAh battery, full charged volt is 4.10v


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