30ml Original Dekang E-liquid E-juice PG

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30ml Orginal BOGE Dekang PG e-liquid e-juice.

E-juice is a kind blending liquid, mainly containing nicotine, PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), flavor. It is one of the most important part in an e-cig. When vaping, it is e-juice that is vaporized by the atomizer, producing vapor, bringing up throat hit and taste.

BOGE Dekang supplies more than 200 flavor, If you want to talk about liquid wholese business, please refer to below flavor and contact us by mail to [email protected]



Normal cigarette flavor:

M-Normal / USA Mix   [N01]
Camel / Desert Ship   [N02]
Hilton / Hillington    [N03]
555/State Express / 3&5    [N04]
Virgi-n    [N05]
Tobacco    [N06]
Dunhill / Deluxe tobacco    [N07]
KENT / SEC    [N08]
Winston / Wensten    [N09]
Septwolves / 7 Wolves    [N10]
Blended (DK-TAB)    [N11]
Turkish Tobacco?Blend?    [N12]
Mild Seven / My seven    [N13]
B-Gold & Silver / Gold & Silver    [N14]
French Pipe / FPF    [N15]
Cigar    [N16]
P-Congress / Congress    [N17]
Cuba Cigar    [N18]
Flue Cured Tobacco    [N19]
Newport / Nport    [N20]

Fruit flavor:

Apple    [F01]
Banana    [F02]
Strawberry    [F03]
Grape    [F04]
Pineapple    [F05]
Lemon    [F06]
Pomegranate    [F07]
Cherry    [F08]
Orange     [F09]
Mandarin    [F10]
Mango    [F11]
Health Pear    [F12]
Juicy peach    [F13]
Watermelon    [F14]
Menlon    [F15]
Kiwi    [F16]
Coconut    [F17]
Litchi    [F18]
Almond    [F19]
 Migua     [F20]
Shaddock    [F21]
Fruit mix    [F22]
Cocoa    [F23]
Vanilla    [F24]
Spearmint    [F25]
Rose    [F26]
Osmanthus fragrans    [F27]
Licorice    [F28]
Clove/Lilac    [F29]
Jasmine    [F30]
Fennel    [F31]
Blueberry    [F32]
Greengage    [F33]
Menthol    [F34]
Mint    [F35]
Others flavor:

Concentrated fragrance    [Q01]
Light fragrance    [Q02]
Coffee    [Q03]
Chocolate    [Q04]
Dr. Pepper / Pepper    [Q05]
Cream     [Q06]
Toffee / Caramel    [Q07]
Gingseng    [Q08]
Double Mint / Green Mint    [Q09]
Rum     [Q10]
Cappuccino    [Q11]
Peanut butter    [Q12]
Chocolate cream    [Q13]
Coca Cola / Red Cola    [Q14]
Pepsi Cola / Blue Cola    [Q15]
Red Bull / Energy cow    [Q16]
Lamberti / Lambti    [Q17]
Vitamin A/B/C/D    [Q18]
Whisky Taste    [Q19]
Champagne    [Q20]
Coenzyme Q10    [Q21]
Brandy / bandi    [Q22]
Black Tea    [Q23]
Green Tea    [Q24]

Please be advised that nicotine is extremely addictive.

It is recommended that people who are under the age of 18 years, have a demonstrated sensitivity to nicotine, pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have unstable heart conditions, should discuss the use of any Electronic Nicotine Delivery devices? device with a doctor or nurse before starting

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