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All These original HS e juice / e-liquid comes in childproof bottles.

Double MintMint - Mint. Just more of it.
Usa Mix Mentholmenthol mixed Usa, good flavor, special experience
MentholMint - Delicious and refreshing menthol flavor! Not quite as strong as a full flavor menthol regular cigarette due to its smooth nature. Gives you that great 'back of the throat' menthol feeling.
Menthol Blend (Tobacco)Tobacco - A fine blend of menthol and tobacco.
SpearmintMint - A classic.
CaramelSweet - Rich, and decadent, caramel.
CappuccinoCoffee - A delishious, rich taste. Creamy, with a hint of espresso bean. This has been known to become many peoples daily flavor.
MargaretAnother new flavor
CoffeeCoffee -  A delishious, rich taste. Creamy, with a hint of espresso bean. This has been known to become many peoples daily flavor
ChocolateChocolate - Melt in your mouth flavour to suit everyones taste buds. A bit more of a dark chocolate then the chocolate cream flavor. A great vape first thing in the morning or right before bed.
CocktailJust like Cocktail
Champagnemany people like this taste, winner's feeling
VanillaOther - Goes great mixed with any fruit liquid. Popular flavor
French IcecreamSweet-French Vanilla Icecream 
Chocolate CreamChocolate - Like milk chocolate, leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Sweet, and satisfying
Chocolate Caramel Sweet- chocolate mix caramel. Delicious
cotton candychildhood time back
ColaCola - Smoother but less sweet then the blue cola. Remarkable how much this tastes like the real thing
Red EnergyEnergy - You have had it, you love it! The hard to describe sweet flavor of the energy drink. Slightly tastes like bubblegum.

Each container comes in a 10 ml plastic bottle, to allow you the ability, to recycle and refill your empty cartridges.

Please be advised that nicotine is extremely addictive.

It is recommended that people who are under the age of 18 years, have a demonstrated sensitivity to nicotine, pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have unstable heart conditions, should discuss the use of any Electronic Nicotine Delivery devices? device with a doctor or nurse before starting

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